She was about to be called Anastasia, almost a prophesy. Then her mother's wish was fulfilled and she was called Alana, the feminine version of Alan or Alain, which means "Attractive". And Alana, going from adolescence to youth, is indeed attractive with

her walking style: she doesn't step on the ground but only lightly touches, almost caresses the surface, the floor.

She stands proud but without arrogance. Her surname is Borza and she is the daughter of Camillo, another young man from the Valle, from Casalattico and born in Ireland, where he has always lived and where he runs a well-established restaurant.

She is the girl next door, fresh-faced, with blue eyes looking into the distance while her fingers run on the keys of her faithful smartphone. She spent her childhood years in a Catholic school as well as in a dance school in Ireland, as it is custom for many children also in Italian towns.

Having reached the time of choosing her high school, she decided to devote herself entirely to classical dance. There was no real spark, but a progressive falling in love that led her to definitively committ to the art of Terpsichore, the Greek Muse of Dance.

In dance, the physical technique of movement is continuous, there is no definitive possession of the techniques, hence the continuity of training and lessons. Only with time does the phase of interpretation emerge, of letting oneself be embraced by the sound and to translate it into spatial figures, in vaults, steps, acrobatics ... behind the smile and the complicated steps of a dancer there is so much effort, so much sweat, so much physical effort ... and it is all masked by the pleasure of the body that expresses itself, that goes beyond the boundaries of space, but also that is rewarded by the pleasure of the public applause.

A couple of years ago, Alana's Irish dance teacher, who had studied in Perm (an industrial city in Russia Ural area on the road to Siberia) and had become the first dancer in the city's State Ballet, suggested to Alana and other girls to continue their training and attend the dance school in Perm.

Russia, the world cradle of the best classical ballet, was already in little Alana's dreams as Ireland had become too narrow by then. Together with two other Irish girlsm Alana moved to Perm and enters the same school as her Irish teacher. The typical day of Alana is quite challenging, rhythms of study and endless exercises under the expert guidance of an extremely prepared team: Anton Plum director of the school, Nikolay and Anastasia as teachers. They were all qualified at the most prestigious dance school in Russia and the world: the Vaganova dance academy in St. Petersburg. The school is mostly attended by Russian children, but the group of students coming from all over the world is very numerous. Now Alana has moved to St. Peter Ballet Theater as an intern.

Here too the work is severe but gratifying. Its director is the first dancer at the Mikhailovsky Theater, one of the most important and ancient theaters in St. Petersburg, between the Mariinsky and Alexandrinsky Theaters. And at the Mikhailovsky students are led to attend prestigious dance performances. Although still a student, at the S. Peter Ballet Theater Alana will have a small part in the famous show "Swan Lake". Alana is chasing her dream, and if Russia will be her stage most of her dreams will have come true.

As admirers of Alana's artistic expressiveness, we confidently hope for her a future as Dance Star on European stages as well.

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